Little Monster

Little Monster is the first of two pairs of art dolls I created for the DollsArt3 Exhibiton at the Old Jaffa Museum, Tel Aviv =

As it is 2017 and the year of the rooster- i wanted the colours to be bright and fiery … a first for me! Another first was the use of needle felting for the monster, he was my first try at using it and is entirely made with this technique – plus a little wire in his arms to make them poseable, and little leather pads on his feet.


He mirrors the little girl’s outfit with his stripey legs, polka dot details, pink and orange spikes – which match her pink and orange frilly knickers,  orange wings – like her orange bow, red horns – like her red hair bow, and both have green eyes  and fiery  red /  orange hair.




they are at the Old Jaffa until the end of march 2017


2 thoughts on “Little Monster

  1. Felting is a fantastic success! Oh I do admire your Art & Style! Congratulations on continued success! The world is a brighter, hopeful place with Artist’s , you are a bright shiney star! xoxoDebi🙋❤️🇨🇦

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