Vincent and Vanessa Vespertilio


Vincent and Vanessa are both one of a kind art dolls and part of my Curious Creatures, Children of the Piper series of art dolls.


c15 (2)

a memoir (7).png

Time really begins to drag when you’re undead; especially if you’re a child.

And making new friends is practically impossible.

Any potential candidates are usually getting tucked up into bed when you’re being dragged out of yours. Sleepovers could be a solution, but apparently no one wants to risk a sleepover at a vampire’s house. No matter how friendly Vanessa tried to make her face, or how many invitations she sent out with little hand drawn promises not to bite guests, no one ever seemed willing to accept. She’d long since given up trying.  Who needed friends anyway, they just turned into adults.

c53 (2)

. Vincent and his sister Vanessa sought companionship in stories instead. Their best friends were the spirited heroes of fairy tales. Vanessa’s were the ones who smashed down barriers and resisted their given fates, creating their own, with tenacity, wit and trueness of heart – and the odd disguise or metamorphosis thrown in here and there too. Vincent’s were the darker heroes, the ones who went out into the darkness in search of and to do battle with monsters, in order to rescue the pure of heart, or perhaps to keep the darkness inside themselves contained and quiet. Vincent also loved anything bat related– especially the vampire variety –because he felt they shared an ancient familial bond, and because they were also misunderstood sanguinivore creatures, which emerged from the dark while much of the world slept; not evil monsters that needed to be feared, but little marvels that went out of their way to help their friends.


Both Vincent and Vanessa loved the spirit of ‘once upon a time’ and the idea that stories were also traces of lost histories and lost voices. Together the siblings secretly observed the lives of their living neighbours and imposed their own imaginations upon them, giving them all stories, largely influenced by their fairy-tale books. In their stories the monsters were the ones who feared difference and chased away those that didn’t quite fit, or the dark hearted who only wanted to cause pain and harm. Their heroes were the ones who possibly sometimes lurked under beds and just within the shadows, or hung from the rafters, studying people for stories and rescuing them from the truly dark hearted with a little bite. Vanessa wanted to add these stories to the pages of a book, in the hope that one day their own lost voices would become companions and friends to other lonely children. This thought had a very happy feel to it.  Vincent quite liked the idea that his alter ego and inner bat might become a dark hero for other children, the name Bat Man infamous for centuries to come. That thought had a very satisfying feel to it.


When the Piper came to town, Vanessa and Vincent were on one of their night time prowls. The minute they spotted him they were instantly captivated. Here was an other. Another who seemed to un-belong. Someone else with an endlessness about him.  As they continued to watch the stranger over the next few nights, they discovered that his was a special kind of endlessness that allowed him entrance into both the day and the night. This fact alone was enough to steal all their thoughts. He became the perfect subject for one of their stories – but was he a hero or a monster?

If the Piper ever sensed his night time shadows, he never showed it, but continued on with whatever mission had obviously drawn him to their town.

f33 (2)c143

By the end of the second night of the Piper’s visit, Vanessa and her brother sensed a sinister twist to the Piper’s mission. From the rooftops they watched as the strange man strolled through the streets, gently blowing into a golden flute. The sound this produced was either too quiet or too high a frequency for the siblings to grasp – but as he passed immediately below them, the hair on their arms rose in response. Spooked, they stayed where they were, waiting for the weird creepy feeling to leave their skin, but, before they had a chance to pick up their chase, the sounds of hundreds of scrabbling little paws kept them fixed in place. From every crevice and hole, drain and gutter, from around every corner and doorway, hundreds of scurrying figures poured out. Rats. Hundreds – no thousands – erupted from every possible opening. The whole street seemed to move, writhe, flow, following the Piper. Vincent and Vanessa followed too, along the rooftops, towards the river, where they spotted the Piper again. He stood on the banks, playing his flute, a strange serene look on his face. The rats swarmed towards him, and on, into the river, which they seemed to join, becoming one long writhing mass, until the faster flowing current of the waters swept them away.



Vanessa stared in horror, deciding that perhaps the man was a monster after all. She didn’t notice Vincent had disappeared until he returned with something struggling inside his jacket; something which very definitely did not want to be there.

The something turned out to be four very cross and agitated rats. It took the siblings an hour to get the fractious creatures across the rooftops and back home to their attic room; then a further two hours of soothing words and a large amount of stale old breadcrumbs to calm them down, whilst the children planned what to do with them. It was decided that the rats needed to stay hidden until the Piper left town, and, in case he instigated a house to house search for any fugitives, they would also need disguises.  Obviously Vincent went for the rat to bat disguise route, and immediately began constructing wings, whilst Vanessa divested her toy chest of all its dolls clothes.


As soon as dusk fell on the third evening, Vanessa and Vincent charged from the attic room, curious to know what the Piper was up to now, and whether it was safe for their little bat rats to come out of hiding. For a second time they watched from the rooftops, as the Piper strolled through the streets below, playing his golden flute. They felt confident that their rat friends, who they had left, locked in their room with cotton wool stuffed into their ears, were safe from the lure of the Piper’s flute.  They needn’t have worried. This time the Piper’s song was after a slightly larger prey. It wasn’t little paws that scrambled to follow him, but little feet. Fascinated, Vanessa watched as from every house, children wandered sleepily into the street, rubbing at their eyes and yawning. Most wore their sleepwear, but some had managed to get themselves dressed. As the Piper passed below, Vanessa and Vincent felt the hairs on their arms rise again, but this time they almost heard the music. It was very nearly within their grasp, hovering on the very edge of their hearing…if they could just get a bit closer…



Vanessa writes her stories – she reads them to the little ones at bedtime. Vincent has his own troop of Bat Man fans eager to hear and pass on his tales of the dark hero‘s adventures. They’re the ones in the black wings who keep an eye out for monsters. If the monsters ever get to close Vanessa and the Bat Man dispatch them with a little bite. They have decided that the Piper is both dark hero and monster after all, depending on who you are.

d25 (2)

Time doesn’t drag at all anymore, not with all the adventures to be had, and so many friends to share them with- and now that they have entrance to both the day and the night.



Vincent is approximately 13 inches tall, but he likes to sit,  (7 inches high sitting). His wing span is approximately 1 1inches wide, and his rats are about 3 inches tall.

His head and hands are sculpted from clay, and have been painted and sealed with protective varnish. His body is a mix of clay and fabric over a wire frame, and his vampire bat wings are stitched faux leather, as are his boots.
Dapper little vincent is wearing a matching  black cotton jacket with a red lining, a waist coat and short pants with faux velevet rimming, and a cotton lace white collar with matching cuffs and a black velvet neck tie. He also has long black cotton socks and a  pair of black leather boots.


Vincent comes with his two little bat-winged rat friends, a tiny story book, and his bat teddy. The little rats are made from handpainted felt and string over a wire frame, and have moveable joints and faux leather tie on wings. Please be warned – they are very mischievious.


Vanessa is approximately 1o inches tall sitting – from her bottom to the top of her brolly. Her open umbrella is approximately 7 inches wide. Her rats  are also about 3 inches tall.


Her head and hands are sculpted from clay, and have been painted and sealed with protective varnish. Her luscious long raven locks are made from soft soft wool, and her body is a mix of clay and fabric over a wire frame.
Dainty little Vanessa is wearing a black cotton dress, with faux velvet tims, (which matches Vincent’s suit),with a skull print cotton lining and matching skull print bloomers over stripey tights and a  pair of black leather boots. On her hands she has black lace finger -less gloves,  black flowers in her hair and  a cute little black fascinator perched on her head with a black net veil that can be pulled down over her face to protect her delicate pale skin.

Vanessa comes with her two little bat-winged rat friends, a tiny story book, her day of the dead skull headed dolly, and an umbrella to protect her from the sun.

c (2)


The little rats are  handpainted and made from clay, felt, faux leather and string over a wire frame, and have moveable joints and faux leather tie on wings.One is wearing a little white cotton dress, the others wears  black lace tutu. Her skull dolly is made from handpainted clay, beads, and white cotton.


Her umbrella is black cotton stretched over wire prongs ( in the fashion of  a regular sized umbrella)  with a black and white polka dot lining, tiny black pompom trim, and has a handpainted skull bead where the prongs meet, a wire pole with a red and black striped handle with a skull bead detail. It slips onto her hand and leans over her shoulder.

a memoir (4)

Each little Curious Creature is one of a kind and unique, with a large personality and their own story ….. much like us larger people. Vincent and Vanessa come with their own unique stories, in their own unique hand made books, and a certificate of authenticity.

a memoir (40)

Both Vincent and Vanessa sold …

Vincent is off on a new adventure (1)

Vincent is off on a new adventure (2)


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