Katia and her Puppet


Katia and her puppet… £150 now SOLD

katia and het puppet

 According to the rumour, Katia Pluerovsky-Jones, is the last descendant of a long-forgotten Russian Royal dynasty, through her mother. Perhaps it’s true. Anyone who saw her mother, Ursula Pluerovsky (the captivatingly elegant prima ballerina of a famous touring ballet company) dancing twenty years earlier, would insist it is. However, doubters believe the rumour was a clever advertising ploy, originating with Alouitious Jones, Katia’s father and the owner of the aforementioned ballet company. As their only child, the young Katia bore the weight of both parents’ dreams that she would inherit her mother’s crown as their prima ballerina. Life consisted of travelling and training, training and travelling, and exhaustion, and -making a daunting existence even worse- poor sensitive, shy little Katia discovered that she hated every moment spent in the spotlight, preferring to help backstage. Fortune eventually smiled on the girl, in the form of an ice skating accident involving a disorientated penguin and loose bootlaces, which simultaneously shattered her left knee and her parents’ dreams. Now unable to dance and therefore freed from the burden of those weighty dreams, Katia began to dream her own. She unleashed her creativity, using everything around her….and watched, fascinated, as a tiny, jointed figure emerged and her first little puppet took form. Katia was finally happy, but she was still her parents’ daughter, and the urge to have a touring company of her own and captivate audiences was in her blood…as long as she could remain behind the scenes! Katia never forces her puppets to perform, nor does she train them into exhaustion. Her company, though small, is large in number and new members join every month or whenever Katia feels the creative urge! It has toured Europe twice and is currently contemplating America. There is a rumour that Katia is the last descendant in a line of long-forgotten Russian royalty, and that she is particularly fond of penguins. She loves the feel of wet clay beneath her finger tips, the exciting possibilities offered within a trunk full of fabric, and although she still claims that she never learnt how to fasten shoe laces, she can string a puppet with her eyes closed.


As with all my sculptures, this is a One-of-A-kind piece and entirely made by hand. No moulds were used in the creation of Katia and none made of the original afterwards. This piece has been signed and dated and includes a Photo Certificate of Authenticity

Katia’s head was sculptured from clay and painted with acrylic paint before being sealed with a matt varnish for protection. Her hair is made with mohair. Her body was created by making a wire skeleton, wrapping it in wadding then covering it in felt before sewing a canvas ‘skin’ontop. Her joints are all moveable, but she has been sewn into a sitting position. All her clothes are also hand-made and hand stitched by me. She wears lace tights and knickers, and a pair of cotton bloomers underneath a red, layered cotton, voile and wool dress and a pair of fingerless gloves…her necklace is a mini version of my Ruby Trinket necklaces and contains a picture of her mother. Her shoes are mock leather uppers with felt soles.  She wanted me to tell you that her puppet was also all hand-made without the use of moulds or patterns, and is a wire frame covered in clay, painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a layer of matt varnish for protection. The limbs are jointed with string and beads and she is attached to a wooden handle by clear fishing wire. Her outfit is also handmade. 

£150 Now sold Please note that these art pieces are created as collectible creations for adults only and are not intended for children.


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