Viva La Vida – Frida Kahlo

A mixed-media piece of the artist Frida Kahlo with one of her famous quotes on a ribbon and a little deer friend! Frida is protected inside her own little curious cabinet…with clear sides, front and top to allow in maximum light…the two side panels are hand embroidered, and the Frida portrait is a hand embroidered cross stitch panel with a crochet frame! Frida and her deer are made from clay over a wire and fabric frame, and her clothes are made by hand…hope she makes you smile!

frida frida1






088 082

059little hand ear rings…

052red boots with hand embroidered flowers and little bells on blue ribbon

053painting pallette and quote on ribbon…’Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?’

058her faun friend.

060two Fridas.

Frida’s box measures 43cm/17 inch tall x 27 cm/ 10.5 inch wide and  24cm/ 9.5 inch deep. It is either free standing or can be hung on the wall.

171 172

and is signed on the back!

The Making Of Frida….

This is the beginnings of the Frida and her deer… the portrait of her in the background is embroidered – cross stitch and the gold frame is crochet with gold thread…


their bodies are made of clay and wire – and Frida also has fabric sections….the box base, is painted in acrylic like clouds. Her right hand is in a weird position because she will be holding something!023

I have finished painting Frida and her little friend, and made her hair and clothes, but she still needs her jewellery, boots, flowers for her hair…etc etc…




She’s finished! Just have to work on the box now… the white ribbon has a Frida Quote ” Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly.” Her red boots have embroidered flowers on the toes and little bells tied with blue ribbon.


She has a palette with acrylic paint on and a little paint brush… little earrings in the shape of hands…

059 Flowers in her hair…


058 and her little deer friend…


054060061she has bunting along the sides…now I need to work on the box which has perspex sides, front and roof, with embroidered panels on the lower haves of the two sides…


I have now finished the box…and added the hand embroidered side panels…


and a little title sign at the top…


She is now all finished!!! the box has three clear sides and a clear perspex roof to allow lots of light!


2 thoughts on “Viva La Vida – Frida Kahlo

  1. I’m from Mexico and as every mexican I love Frida ^_^ This is a magnific piece of art which represents Frida in a unique way. You’re awesome!

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