Goggins The Ticket Collector

Goggins the imp ticket collector is a mixed-media sculpture made from clay over a wire frame. He is 68 cm / 26.5 inch tall, and when his wings are opened they are 100cm/ 39.5 inches wide!

Goggins has sold and is off to his new home in the New Year x


goggins goggins1



His wings open and close…



076 058He has a bottle of air sickness tablets, a roll of old maps, and a leather bound book containing old maps, his pictures etc tucked in the recess between his back and his backpack.


009His ticket machine clicks and whirs and the tickets turn when the button is pressed…057

His goggles can be removed from his hat and placed on his eyes!


063 Goggins the ticket collector is another character – like the Bug Catcher –  whom I have brought to life from the ink drawings I penned for the book ‘Holtaria: The Resistance’ ( still being written) by Laurence Crow which can be previewed at www.wattpad.com  just type Holtaria in the search box!

He is a helpful little chap who flies between the floating air buses checking and selling tickets to the bemused passengers…his ears may give the impression that he is perfectly suited to this sort of work, with them perhaps aiding glide or direction control…but don’t be fooled, look harder at the knee and elbow pads, the battered shoes and rather large feet…he actually comes from a long line of sea-faring folk,  from uncountable generations of sailors navigating the vast seas importing, exporting, exploring, map charting,  war faring, pirating… unfortunately when he joined his father’s ship as navigation officer and proceeded to get them lost on every successive journey – was demoted to ship’s hand and survived several near misses with various icebergs, sea monsters, islands that were never there before, narwhals, and submersables…and was deemed unlucky  –  banned from all ships, boats, rafts, and other such floating apparatus  he found himself looking for a new line of work. The floating air bus company snapped him up, taken in by those ears and his long lineage of navigators and travellers…it wasn’t until halfway through his first journey in the air that he realised he suffered terrible air sickness…but don’t tell anyone, he really does need the job and loves doing flybys past the ships, wearing a heroic -if not very gormless – grin when he can point out obstacles below… shouting ‘So who’s unlucky now?’ and he’s only crashed four times, whilst doing so!

He also works part-time at the Drop – working the pulleys which lower and raise a caged lift hanging from a huge metal arm that reaches over the edge of vast drop in the desert…

Holtaria: the Resistance – Goggins the imp appears first in volume 2 chapter 4, The Drop Into the Desert

‘As the cage reached ground level, the chains came to a halt. A wooden door in the side of the tower opened and a small figure stepped out. He appeared to be an imp of some kind, with large ears that flopped on either side of his head…He had a goofy kind of smile………Kai couldn’t help but smile back.’

The Making Of  Goggins The Ticket collector…


the ticket collector is ( like the bug catcher ) another piece inspired by one of my ink drawings…


…he still needs lots of work…


…his face is ready to paint and he is waiting patiently for me to make his hat and goggles!


His legs are ready for painting…but i am busy making his boots as I write this… his ticket machine is finished! It whirs andclicks in a lovely clockwork manner when the handle is pushed up and down…


…which spins the tickets inside…


and when the button is pushed, the red stop sign moves in and reveals a green go sign.


His gloved hands ….


…are now attatched and ready to paint…then he needs his jacket…and of course, his wings, which will open and close!



Finished making his boots…yet to paint…and have painted his cheeky face and trousers…



035Finished his boots and knee pads….



and his elbow pads….and jacket…

031 032

the straps are part of the harness I’m making for his wings…finishing gloves next…He keeps urging me to hurry and finish as he has work to do, tickets to check, flying between the floating buses in the world he belongs..I’m doing my best!


I have finished his  gloves, and added his ticket machine…he is pulling out a ticket with one hand, the other hand is holding onto one of the steering handles, which also has a compass on it,



I have made his goggles, and the bottle of air sickness tablets he carries with him…and his hat…




His extras…goggles, air sickness tablets, maps and leather bound journal…


which tuck into the space between his backpack and himself!


I have also finished his wings…which open…





066062 068


his base is all finished and signed.


close up of his machine!


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