The Bug Catcher

The Bug Catcher   – SOLD

the bugcatcher the bugcatcher2

The Bug Catcher is a character in a fantasy novel written by Laurence Crow – ‘Holtaria: the Resistance’ ( still being written but which can be previewed on ) which I have illustrated and who I loved so much i decided to make a sculptural piece of him from the original illustration…

He is 27 inches tall from the bottom of his base to the tips of his feathery plumes!

the helmet comes off…It also opens!………

Is he a normal sized man in a giant machine….or a tiny man in a large machine?…the writer assures me he is a rather short man inside a rather large machine which he has created to rid his world of the green and bolbous monstrous bug carving a slimy path of destruction through its cities…

he has a variety of weaponry to aid his dangerous mission, including a swatter strapped to the back of his contraption to beat away the beastly bug if all else fails…his control panel and levers to steer the bug catcher contraption…

the funnels at the front of the machine suck up the bug, and trap it inside the cannisters on the back of the machine -once he has activated the pumps via the suction on button

you can see some of the trapped bug inside the green cannister

he also has a small cache of bug catching tools on the front of the machine….

…including a compass / divination / bug detector, a prodder / pincher, a grabber, and a knife/ cutter…

the compass / divination tool in action…

the Bug Catcher is signed on the base, and comes with a certificate of authentication. He is for sale for £400 – Now SOLD

The Making Of The Bug Catcher…

 His leather funnels!
He’s lots of fun to do – but still disturbingly headless – lots to do

001 003 004 005 006 088 091 122 copy 123 copy bug18  bugcatcher31 bugcatcher32 bugcatcher33bug25bug16bugcatcher22  bugcatcher24 bugcatcher25 bugcatcher26 bugcatcher1bugcatcher23finished!


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