Professor Mercurio Mann

Professor Mercurio Mann and his extraordinary Ambulating Auditarium contraption
£600 – now SOLD

No one truly knows who the Music Mann really is…
except…(as the song we are taught as children goes )…
he comes from Faraway and can play…a multitude of musical instruments-
_ which dictates his need for an extraordinary Ambulating Auditarium contraption –
Or is it the Ambulating Auditarium that needs the Mann ?

a short wobbly video of the Auditarium banging, clanking, creaking and tinkling…


Professor Mercurio Mann and his extraordinary Ambulating Auditarium contraption is a one of a kind mixed-media sculpture – using a wide variety of materials including clay, fabric, paint, wood, metal and wire.
Both the heads and the hands of Professor Mann and his captivated little audience – Poppy –
( who never forgot the magical moment she experienced after following the haunting sound of the Music Mann to his Auditarium and in later years developed a passion for music – enabling her to become a very talented tuba player, much sought after by orchestras all over Europe – Wherever she travelled, Poppy always listened out – hoping – for the sound of the Auditarium, but, although she was certain she did hear them a few times over the years, she never saw the Professor or his extraordinary contraption again.)
………are sculpted in clay over a wire frame. Their bodies consist of a wire armature covered in wadding with a canvas skin sewn on top. Their outfits are completely hand made and hand sewn by me – Poppy’s tights were knitted on very tiny needles!
Poppy’s horse has a hand carved wooden head, a cork and clay body, with wooden handles, a woollen tail, an old ruler for the base and buttons for wheels.

The Professor’s strange trumpet-sax is made from copper pipes, watch parts, leather, a bead, an old piece of wine-making equipment -he likes his wine! -and his penny collection pot has little copper coins in it, but he needs more – the Auditarium requires constant repairs – travelling over time and continents takes its toll!

The Auditarium took a long time and lots of technical drawings to work out and make – particularly as I am not in any way mathematically minded – but once I began it took over the creating process itself and was very particular about what went where and how to make them work…I just stumbled along after it, tidying up

The Auditarium wanted all its wear and tear and countless repairs made on the go with anything at hand to be visible – nowing its charm lies in the stories lurking just below every patch up and frayed piece of leather.!For its construction, the Auditarium required plastic tubing, metal pipes, bamboo sticks, beads, vast quantities of leather strips, buttons, wire, cardboard, old bits of jewellery, found embroidery frames, bracelets, recycled leather bags and belts, painted fabric, clay, more paint, varnish, lots of glue, blistered, cut and burnt fingers, and a drill rather than scissors which I now have! – thread and the only thing I did not make from scratch but found…cymbals!
The box consists of wood, cardboard and clay covered in wood stain and varnish, with a hand painted sign and a faux leather base.

The Auditarium works when strings are pulled and wheels turned, but it is an art piece rather than an automaton and will probably cough and die if abused! ( The Auditarium is a taxing owner – it will make you repair it with whatever is at hand! )
Professor Mercurio Mann and his extraordinary Ambulating Auditarium contraption is a One-Of-A-Kind mixed media sculpture and entirely made by hand. No moulds were used in its creation and none made of the original afterwards. It has a photo certificate of authenticity and is also signed and dated.

The Professor comes with a signed certificate of authentication, his story and how he was made, and a small print of his fine self!
It is not intended as a toy for children – far too many dangerous small parts and wire!

The Making Of Professor Mercurio Mann….

  making the heads and hands from clay  making the paper templates of the bodies 

painting the heads…

finished their hair

I have made the bodies, adding the hands and a little pair of tights i hand knitted for the girl… 

Finally finished the costumes…here’s a quick look before i start making their accessories…the little girl… the man’s various layers..shirt… their shoes… His waistcoat… …and jacket with tails… …and top hat…the reason why he is in such a peculiar position will become clear when i have added the accessories!!!!!!!!

now i can begin the accessories…

making the accessories … from recycling bits of junk and unwanted things … 

a tiny tambourine, pipework, funnel and the beginnings of a drum…

a close up of thepipework.  working on two drums…

adding cymbals to the pipework… and making sure they clash when string pulled

trying the drum on for size …

he seems pleased! He is wearing a harmonica in a holder around his neck.

the little girl trying out the stand…still lots to do on it …

working on the stand…adding the cymbals and tambourine…

 making the drum sticks which will bash the big drum, single cymbal and tambourine.

and a strange trumpet-like instrument which he will be holding in his hands…still got lots to do …

… meanwhile she’s patiently waiting for her accessory!

 the legs are on the big drum…the hat is now attached so it raises when the string is pulled… 

 making the wheels … attaching wheels to the legs… making the drum sticks for the back drum… 

attaching the sticks so the alternate hitting the drum… side views leather funnel adding the bells and chimes that ring when the wheels turn…  nearly finished…just have to paint some of the bits i have added …paint the base etc etc etc…!!!!!!  working on the trumpet just have to make the mouth piece! and finally actually working on the little girl’s push along horse I better hurry and finish it for her before she looses her patience!

019finished saxaphone with coins in the collecting cup!

010 020 she’s happy – her horse finished!027 the ambulating auditarium contraption finished and awaiting mann   012   and his thank you sign in his top hat021022 finially the box painted and varnished!




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