Amelia Hart

Amelia Hart…
Unique one of a kind mixed-media sculpture
£250 – SOLD

Amelia Hart

Amelia Hart1

Amelia Hart3





The pen is mightier than the sword, but sometimes the pen and the sword combined make a sharper point.
In the world of Amelia Hart, librarian and hunter of hunters, pairing the two turned her ordinary life into something extra-ordinary.

If all life was graphed, Amelia’s would be the steady, straight median line running horizontally through the other peaks and troughs, until the day it suddenly veered off on a sharp tangent. That day began as just another ordinary day in a very ordinary life and for many people, if they were in Amelia’s place, it may have remained just so. However, several insignificant looking facts about Amelia’s life affected her decision making that day.

Fact one = she was the middle child of five and the only girl, unremarkable in itself, but this fact marked Amelia deeply. Growing up with four brothers gave her a certain fearlessness acquired through having to constantly stand her ground amongst those physically stronger, learning their weaknesses and frailties and using them to her advantage. The male species did not intimidate her. It also meant a home full of boys’ toys, sports equipment, hobbies and boisterous activities. Amelia learnt how to handle them all and coped with the lack of girly or personal space by retreating into books. Words became her transport into other worlds and the knowledge gained – her armoury. Books became her passion, which led her to the job in the library and that monumental day.
Fact two = she was a vegetarian.
Fact three = she was the only one working in the library that day with a valid driving licence.
Fact four = Amelia liked to collect quotes.

The day began as normal, and would have continued as all other Tuesdays had before, if someone with the necessary powers had not decided that a mobile library service was needed and it was that very morning that this new van arrived and the keys handed to Amelia. She left the confines of the city and her temple of words, and set out into the wilderness under the specific order to ‘deliver words to the bookless.’

When she ended up parked in a darkening forest, cursing the lack of a sat-nav in the van, Amelia felt a slight trepidation building and remembered why she avoided the countryside – it all looked the same. It was then that a deer ran in front of the van, followed by a pack of hunters brandishing various guns with limp carcasses strapped to their packs. Grabbing the nearest thing to hand, a rather hefty thesaurus, Amelia set out after them, not quite sure what her intentions were…until she stumbled upon the men preparing to shoot the now stationary and oblivious deer and her intentions became very clear.
She was sent to deliver words to the bookless.
Her first client went down with an audible thud …thud as the tome hit his head and his body collapsed to the ground, which alerted the deer to their presence and allowed its escape. Amelia calmly returned to the van and drove away, deciding that she might enjoy her Tuesday and Thursday excursions into the wilderness delivering words.
Poachers and hunters be warned, take those two days off. Amelia has become quite an expert on delivering words…she writes her favourite quotes on the arrows she lets loose and although she would never seriously harm anyone, her interference allows the pursued to flee and the hunters to ponder on the words she delivers and just where they may have come from.
Amelia lives an extra-ordinary life and loves every minute.

Amelia is a One-Of-A-Kind mixed media sculpture and entirely made by hand No moulds were used in her creation and none made of the original afterwards. She has a photo certificate of authenticity and is also signed and dated.
Amelia is 24 inches tall from the bottom of her base to the tips of her antlers. She was sculptured from air dry clays on a wire armature, painted with acrylic paint and finished with matt or gloss vanishes. Her hair is natural wool. Her outfit is also hand made from recycled fabrics and wool. Her antlers have a wire frame and are covered in antique lace and thread. Her bow also has a wire frame and is covered with lace, fabric, beads, thread, acrylic paint and matt varnish. Her arrows are made from wood, lace, and thread, and have clay tips. They are painted with acrylic paint and varnish and each one has a different quote on its shaft. Her sword and dagger are made from wood, beads, thread and flattened antique pen nibs.
Please note that these art works are created for adults only and are not intended for children.

 The Making Of Amelia Hart – the hunter mixed-media sculpture

025 028 032 033 034 035her body and head is made from a wire frame with clay sculpted over the top…the wire horns on her head will become the deer antlers.

010 011 012 013 015 painted, varnished, dressed and wigged and awaiting weapons…

making the tiny weapons

the arrows – drying the paint!

The bow (- wire, fabric= lace, leather, thread, beads, paint ) and arrows ( wood, clay, lace, thread, paint, text )
a close up of the writing on one of the arrows – each arrow has a different quote

the finished sword and dagger hilts… and the box of antique pen nibs I will use to make the blades.
the finished swords.

a picture showing her wearing the sword and dagger
both the sword and dagger can be taken out of their holders.
the finished bow, arrows and holder for the arrows


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